To take care of her special son, the woman lost 112 pounds and became a beauty: What she looks like now

 To take care of her special son, the woman lost 112 pounds and became a beauty: What she looks like now

American Krista Francis was already a lot bigger than her elementary school classmates. She adored food and took great pleasure in it.

Frequently, Krista would visit a café, place an order for a full lunch, eat it, and then move on to the café across the street to place an additional order. Due to her calorie intake and lack of exercise, the girl’s weight quickly grew till it reached 230 pounds by the time she was 23 years old.

Krista gave birth to her first child in 2007. Ezra, a kid born to her, profoundly altered the young mother’s life after his arrival. The truth is that her son had musculoskeletal issues from birth, making him unique.

Ezra required a lot of care, and Krista devoted her entire time to her son. She hardly ventured outside, was inactive, and consumed a lot of food. She ate a much! Her weight rapidly crossed the 385 pounds threshold.

Ezra was developing and gradually becoming more demanding. And Krista was finding it more and more difficult to keep up with her obese son.

The decision to lose weight

In 2017, Krista attempted to squeeze through a doorway while holding a baby in her arms. Suddenly, she discovered she was unable to do so. She then firmly decided to start reducing weight right now!

Krista began working out five times a week after joining a gym. She incorporated exercise into her life. Ezra also developed a stronger work ethic by imitating his mother’s will to succeed, which was great for his health.

Krista shed as much as 112 pounds in three and a half years of caring for her special baby. She now only weighs 63 kg instead of her previous 385 pounds.

Krista now

Krista shed a lot of weight and transformed into a stunning beauty. She has fans all over the world because of how rapidly her tale went through the media. People now sign up for her sports sessions months in advance since she has become a local celebrity.

That is how Krista’s love for her child motivated her to start a new life and lose weight. Ezra is extremely proud of his mother and aspires to live up to her example in everything now that she is well-known and well-liked.

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