“Too see-through dress”: Salma Hayek flashed her underwear at Paris Fashion Week

 “Too see-through dress”: Salma Hayek flashed her underwear at Paris Fashion Week

The actress, 56, attended the second day of Paris Fashion Week. Salma attended the cult design label Saint Laurent’s exhibition. For the momentous occasion, the actress created an unusual picture. Hayek wore an emerald floor dress made of a thin translucent fabric. The attire emphasized the star’s feminine curves and “highlighted” a dark bustier. The actress draped a black jacket over her shoulders to make the ensemble less suggestive.

Salma finished the look with leather platform boots. The Hollywood actress wore a pendant with a large stone around her neck. Hayek wore her hair in soft curls and parted it straight down the middle. The actress enhanced the look with luscious lashes, green arrows on the eyelids, and mocha lipstick.

Salma was joined by her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, as well as their stepdaughter Matilda and daughter Valentina. The girls were inspired by an image of a celebrity relative and dressed similarly. Valentina wore a thin blouse with a golden skirt, while Matilda wore a beige outfit. The star’s partner attended the event dressed casually in a turtleneck, jeans, and a fur jacket.

The actress smiled calmly and readily posed for the photographers. Salma alternated between hugging Francois-Henri and Matilda.

Fans of the actress argued about her appearance. “Too transparent clothes became fashionable,” “Salma’s clothing is stylish and sensual,” “I guess she neglected to dress up,” and “Salma looks exquisite,” said users.

Hayek’s photographs appealed to Anastasia Reshetova’s stylist. Aleko Nadiryan mentioned earlier that he was wasting his time “judging” her.

Salma is sick of being linked with seductive women. The prescribed role kept the actress from landing roles in comedies for a long time.

The actress who played the titular part in the film “Frida” attended Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s wedding. Hayek attended the celebration in a stunning gown that emphasized her cleavage.

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