Transparent dress and micro-shorts: Kate Middleton’s most daring college outfits that turned Prince William’s head

 Transparent dress and micro-shorts: Kate Middleton’s most daring college outfits that turned Prince William’s head

The future Princess of Wales was raised in a wealthy but not aristocratic home. Kate met the British Queen’s grandson in their twenties at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Today, Prince William’s wife is regarded as one of the most fashionable women in the British monarchy. Her unrivaled beauty and faultless style have elevated her to the status of fashion icon. But she preferred other ensembles when she was a student, because business suits and ankle-length skirts would not have piqued the interest of Britain’s most attractive groom.

The sixth season of “The Crown” will feature Middleton’s early years and the start of her romance with the prince. The project’s architects were inspired by the royal’s daring and exposing attire at the time. Costume designer Amy Roberts designed these photos for actress Meg Bellamy, who plays the princess in the famous Netflix drama.

Kate wore this see-through catwalk dress at a charity fashion show in St. Andrews in 2002. Kate had already met William and was part of his intimate social circle, but the guy continued to flirt with other female students. Kate is supposed to have purposefully provoked him so that the prince would finally perceive her as a beautiful female rather than an involved friend.

And the dangerous surgery was a success! When Middleton took the stage in a translucent black mini-dress that revealed her undergarments, the future king’s jaw fell, as they say. The front-row seat at the St. Andrews Bay Hotel cost Prince William £200. He turned to his pal and said quietly: 

Middleton wore tight micro-tops and low-rise trousers as a student to emphasize her small, bobbed form. While studying in Scotland in 2004, the future monarchess dressed provocatively in an emerald top with open shoulders reminiscent of a disco ball and yellow micro-shorts. She wore it to a charity event called the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco. This look would be unsurprising today, but it was quite daring in the 1990s. 

Prince William’s love attended the Gatcomb Park Festival shortly after graduating from the top university. She was dressed casually in her favorite jeans, a little suede jacket, and a cowboy hat. During another outing, Kate Middleton looked effortlessly alluring in a white miniskirt and knee-length brown boots, displaying her country girl vibe.

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