“Two-faced” cat became a father: look at his kittens

 “Two-faced” cat became a father: look at his kittens

There are certain animals that make you think, “This is simply another natural marvel” when you see them. Narnia is such a special animal. Because of his distinctive hue, he rose to fame on a global scale. One side of his muzzle is absolutely black, while the other half is gray. The animal has a white “collar” around its neck and a black body overall.

The homeland of Narnia is Britain. His breed was chosen by his breeder owner. How could you look at him without melting?

Breeders refer to a color as a “chimera.”  One explanation is that an animal may include Genetic code from two separate ancestors. He occasionally sports various eye colors in addition to multiple hair colors.

Narnia sprang to fame on social media due to his color. He currently has more than 250 000 Instagram followers. Additionally, the cat just had kittens. The infants shared their father’s coloring; one was born gray, and the other was born black. They did not acquire his exact looks, though.


The cat with strabismus was yet another icon on social media networks. He once lost his house as a result of this flaw. Then he met Rachel, his mother, who fell in love with this gray cat. He has just ruled the Internet with his facial expressions!

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