Two years ago she weighed only 64 Ibs, but an ordinary chocolate helped her cure her anorexia

 Two years ago she weighed only 64 Ibs, but an ordinary chocolate helped her cure her anorexia

At age 21, British citizen Annie Windley weighed 64 Ibs, like a skeleton wrapped in leather, and was scared of food. She ate just one sandwich every five days. The girl most likely would not have survived so easy, but one day a straightforward chocolate saved her life.

Anna has always been a very active girl; while still in school, she participated in many events, played sports, and was a good student. She was overweight from birth, though, and her peers frequently made derogatory remarks about it. Anna chose to reduce weight because she was sick of being mocked.

She started severely restricting their intake of food, eating only one sandwich every few days and avoiding practically all meat, sweets, pastries, and dairy products. Anna frequently ended up in the hospital as a result of this “diet,” and she was given the “anorexia” diagnosis. Doctors started to tell the girl that if she kept on at this pace, she would eventually have a heart attack. She was aware of everything, yet she was powerless to change anything.

“I just wanted to be thinner,” she says.

Anna forced herself to the point where she was scared of the scent of food and couldn’t even look at it. At a party, when they tried to give the girl a pie as a gift, she was unable to handle it and fled to another room. She would do anything to avoid being around the food.

But all that changed one day, thanks in part to a common chocolate.

When Anna desired sweets one day, she thought she would overindulge psychologically, but she still made the decision to try something sweet. She then stepped on the scale and saw that she hadn’t gained any weight, so she started gradually giving herself the treats.

The Brit explains, “It was absurd to assume that a piece of chocolate would instantly make me gain weight. – But after that, I understood that eating wasn’t as terrifying as I had anticipated.

One of Anna’s main phobias was eliminated thanks to this encounter, and she gradually resumed eating normally.

Now the girl already weighs 99 Ibs, she leads a healthy lifestyle and recalls with horror that period of life.

Her regular weight didn’t return for another two years. Anna is now a stunning young woman with a stunning figure.

She has a boyfriend, works a job, competes in running events, and studies. Anna no longer wishes to recall her former weight.

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