Unusual photos: how the stars would look in the image of the opposite sex

 Unusual photos: how the stars would look in the image of the opposite sex

Users of the internet carried out an intriguing experiment by reversing the genders of famous actors and actresses. In the future, the Celebrity Channel informs us that George Clooney would have been an extremely attractive woman if she had been born!

It is interesting that the bloggers did not change men into women or vice versa using wigs, cosmetics, or other equipment used by professional makeup artists. The renowned program generated intriguing star shots.

Let’s examine how the popular figures of the opposite sex would appear.

Actress Jennifer Aniston

Despite the fact that the “Friends” star has very feminine face features, Aniston would make a really gorgeous male.

Actress Blake Lively

However, it would probably be best if “Gossip Girl” remained a female character. How do you feel?

Actor Ryan Reynolds

Millions of supporters’ hearts would have been crushed if Ryanan had been born a girl.

Actress Kate Winslet

Actor Denzel Washington

Actress Charlize Theron

Do you think the young man is a little overly sentimental?

Selena Gomez

Our Mikhail Galustyan is similar to the American actress and singer who performs under a male persona.

George Clooney

However, a woman who resembles actor George Clooney in appearance is enchanting in her beauty!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Although the Bollywood star is a very attractive woman, we men don’t particularly like her. What do you think about this change?

Brad Pitt

And this change demonstrates exactly how similar his daughter Shiloh resembles Hollywood actor!

Sylvester Stallone

It’s still preferable for the Rambo actor to maintain his male gender!

Salma Hayek

This attractive man, who turned out to be a really handsome young man, would have had every opportunity to have a successful career if the actress had been born in a man’s body.

Whose transformation amused you more than the others?

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