“Used to be less”: Hayek impressed fans with her curvy body

 “Used to be less”: Hayek impressed fans with her curvy body

The well-known actress S. Hayek continues to astonish audiences with her unceasing beauty despite her now late age. Even though she will turn 56 this year, the celebrity will not get older.

Salma recently delighted her admirers with photos from the rest, where she could be seen wearing a black bathing suit. The actress displayed her amazing proportions to the fullest, barely fitting them into her summer attire.

It’s interesting to note that the actress herself said she never sought assistance from plastic surgeons. However, if you look at old photos of the celebrity, you can see right away that Salma’s key physical assets were considerably less prominent.

Celebrity subscribers had also seen this, and they had reminded her of it in the comments. And Hayek’s detractors are often attempting to bait her with this, implying that her plastic surgery was excessive.

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