Veteran in hospice fulfills his desire by seeing his dog one last time

 Veteran in hospice fulfills his desire by seeing his dog one last time

Dogs and men have been friends for decades. These animals’ devotion and loyalty make them impeccable pets for human beings. They are there for us in happy and tough times.

And one dog was there for his owner during his toughest time while facing death. This heartbreaking story illustrates how powerful the bond between a dog and a human can be.

John Vincent was a veteran of the Vietnam war who had to stay at the hospice for the last years of his life. Therefore, he had to be separated from his old friend, Patch, the dog. The veteran sent him to an animal welfare center.

As John was spending his last days on this planet, a palliative care specialist asked him what his last wish was. John did not have family, so he wished to see his best friend, Patch, for the last time.

The last wish was so saddening for the people that they decided to make his wish come true and somehow help him. They did not even hesitate and decided to bring the dog there together.

The team members succeeded in finding the pet and brought him to his owner. They were united at last. Vincent was delighted to see his companion once more.

As the dog approached the hospital, it became active as if it could finally sense the presence of the owner.

Vincent and Patch met when the dog was just a little puppy. He named his animal after a little patch of white fur that it had that reminded him of his sole Patch of white chin hair.

The patches were symbolic as if they were brothers.

The two friends had a really moving reunion. Nevertheless, it had to be Patch’s final visit to his parent.

In any case, the fact of having his pet friend around was very joyful to the veteran. It was an honorable act to help those two to meet for one last time.

The dog was returned to the shelter where a possible new owner could appear. However, he will always remember his veteran friend.


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