Walking Around New York: Madonna was Filmed for The First Time Since Her Hospitalization

 Walking Around New York: Madonna was Filmed for The First Time Since Her Hospitalization

Madonna was first seen in the public eye following her hospital stay: the vocalist took a stroll through New York City with a friend. The video, showcasing the 62-year-old performer, was shared on social media by blogger Lauren Conlin.

Madonna was outfitted in shorts, a T-shirt, running shoes, and a hat. In the footage, she’s seen standing at a crosswalk, resting on a post, though overall she appears fairly alert.

On June 24, Madonna was urgently taken to the ER after being discovered unconscious. She was transported to the hospital suffering from a severe bacterial infection and her condition was evaluated as critical. Madonna regained consciousness a few days later and was discharged, although insiders stated that she felt frail, according to Spletnik.


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Sources close to the vocalist reveal that Madonna has been rigorously preparing for the forthcoming tour over the last few months, which resulted in health complications. The artist, striving to compete with her younger counterparts, like Taylor Swift, put in six days a week of work.

The tour, which included 84 performances, was supposed to launch with a concert in Toronto on July 15 and wrap up on January 30, 2024. Due to the artist’s hospitalization, the tour was rescheduled.

Rumours also circulated online that her hospital visit was due to complications from plastic surgery she had undergone in preparation for the tour. Previously, media outlets had reported that Madonna was administered Narcan – a medication used in drug overdoses – during her hospital stay. Although it was officially stated that the medication was used to treat sepsis, online speculation suggests that Madonna might have been involved with illegal substances leading up to the tour.

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