What a girl who was born without a nose looks like today

 What a girl who was born without a nose looks like today

Tessa is here!  She is four years old and was born in Ireland. She’s been distinct from other kids since she was born because she doesn’t have a nose. Her mother discovered this abnormality while she was expecting. The fetus was developing with this rare pathology, according to ultrasound findings. The mother was told by doctors to terminate the pregnancy, but she flatly refused. She was originally confident that she and her husband would be able to raise such a special child and assist her in becoming a full-fledged human being and contributing member of society.

Tessa’s mother admits that she will believe until the end that modern technology will solve this unusual issue.

It should be mentioned that the girl has already undergone several surgeries aimed at reconstructing her nose. Tessa can’t sense and has issues with her eyes and heart.

Unfortunately, the girl developed another severe problem following the last surgery: she went blind in one eye.

There will be a few more surgeries before she can enjoy a normal, full life.

Tessa looks like this today. She is upbeat and frequently grins.

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