Beauty – from mom, charisma – from dad: what Brad Pitt’s parents look like

 Beauty – from mom, charisma – from dad: what  Brad Pitt’s parents look like

He’s not one of those Hollywood stars who likes to share details about himself

Interviews with Brad Pitt are rare. There is no Instagram page for him. Rather than attending high-profile parties, the Hollywood star prefers to spend time with close friends. Brad Pitt’s parents hold a special place in his life. As a child, the actor was born into a family that was far from glamorous. William Pitt worked as a manager for a trucking company, and Jane Pitt was a teacher.
Brad acknowledged in an interview that his parents did not approve of his decision to become an actor. Pitt’s parents did not support him when he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. Furthermore, they denied him financial support. Over time, the parents came to terms with their son’s choice.

By the way, Wilm and Jane disapproved of some of their son’s novels. Aniston was Pitt’s mother’s ideal daughter-in-law, but she failed to improve relations with Angelina Jolie.
Jane realized immediately that Angelina was difficult to communicate with. Insiders said Angie never visited Brad’s relatives in Missouri, and she and Jane constantly argued during rare meetings.

In the end, Pitt’s mother’s relationship with Angelina deteriorated even more when it came to raising children because she tried to find a common language with her. Permissiveness in raising children was not Jane’s style. As an example, she did not understand why Shiloh dressed like a boy.

During Angelina and Brad’s divorce proceedings, the parents remained silent for a long time. As a result of grandparents’ inability to see their grandchildren, relations with the former daughter-in-law deteriorated even more two years later. According to insiders, Brad hardly restrains his mother from expressing everything she thinks about Angelina to her directly. The lawsuits are still pending. Pitt wants custody of the children. There has been recent concern about Shiloh’s father’s behavior from 15-year-old Shiloh. A greater amount of time spent with Brad is something she dreams of

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