What does the mother of one of the most beautiful children on the planet look like

 What does the mother of one of the most beautiful children on the planet look like

The stunning Thylane Blondeau, who appeared to have recently earned the title of the most beautiful girl in the world, is a memory we all cherish. The tiny charmer is already 19 years old, and there is no longer any sign of her adorable baby features. However, one is always replaced by another. As a result, the “Top 50 most beautiful kids on the earth” list is updated with fresh names.

Dima and Violetta, the children of the Russian Ekaterina Antonova, were therefore among the most desirable young models in the world. Brother and sister were naturally photogenic since birth because they are used to receiving more attention.

The children of Ekaterina Antonova conquered the world with their beauty. What does the mother of the most beautiful young models of the planet look like?

On the Web, Dima and Violetta are not accidentally called angels. From babies, at least write pictures: blond hair, delicate features and huge blue eyes. It would seem that the brother and sister managed to win the genetic lottery. However, if you look at the photographs of their mother, then everything becomes obvious – the children were destined to be born angelically beautiful.

What do Dima and Violetta do

This year, Dima turned 11 years old. Despite his success in modeling, studies always come first for him. This is probably why the boy has a little less fame than his sister. Nevertheless, Dima has many successful projects on his account: shooting for the Faberlic catalog and the eminent gloss Harper’s Bazaar, as well as participating in social advertising. It is worth noting that together with their sister they get a bewitching duet.


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Viola the infant is already six years old. The girl actively participates in filming for glitzy magazines and businesses despite her young age. Additionally, she was able to shine during fashion displays, when she undoubtedly felt at home. The girl was listed among the “50 most beautiful kids on the earth” in 2018. She won’t stop there, either.

Family of angels

The unearthly appearance of Dima and Violetta is the merit of their mother. It is noteworthy that once Ekaterina Antonova herself developed in modeling. Unfortunately, she did not manage to build a successful career. But her children decided to continue her work. And not in vain! After all, brother and sister made the whole world talk about themselves, and their Instagram page has almost 500 thousand fans.

Each appearance of a beautiful mother in joint photographs with Dima and Violleta causes a real sensation among subscribers. “Very beautiful! Mom needs to appear in the frame more often”

“A real genetic jackpot,” “Is this their mother? Don’t take your eyes off,” fans write in the comments.

Many (including our editors) ask questions: what does the head of this angelic family look like? But, apparently, Catherine’s husband is not a public figure. Oh, sorry, of course. After all, I really wanted to know who Dima and Violetta are more like: mom or dad.

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