What famous men would look like if they were women

 What famous men would look like if they were women

The incredible things that artificial intelligence is capable of are many. Observing how some well-known actors are changed into their female counterparts utilizing the magic of Photoshop is both fascinating and entertaining.

Ryan Gosling

The Hollywood hottie would be endearing if he were a woman. Ryan has a faint resemblance to Rachel McAdams, a co-star in the film “The Notebook,” thanks to his blue gas and brilliant female eyes.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood’s sexiest blonde is immediately recognizable as a similarly seductive blonde who closely resembles a socialite. He transforms into a lovely girl thanks to his cosmetics, which draws attention to his catlike eyes and full lips.

Christian Bale

The female counterpart of Christian Bale has a cool appearance and could easily play both the frantic housewife and Batwoman. With a fantastic smile and long, thick hair, he is far more attractive as a woman.

Jason Momoa

In addition to being gorgeous as a male, Momoa is also gorgeous as a lady. Momoa has beautiful facial characteristics, as well as beautiful eyes and hair, which make it impossible not to admire him.

Kit Harington

The “Game of Thrones” actor’s feminine alter ego is gorgeous. Such a seductive beauty, who unquestionably has what it takes to conquer the runway, may make one fall in love.

Bradley Cooper

Cooper would have easily ruled the Hollywood Olympus if she were a woman. The actor would be nearly unrecognizable without facial hair. His feminine appearance would impress any showrunner with his golden hair in curling ringlets and his piercing glance.

Bruce Willis

There should be no question that men should continue to star in action movies. He performs poorly compared to the other performers on this list, even with his expensive makeup and hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth

The on-screen actor portrays a Scandinavian mythological god, although he could pass for a goddess if he were a woman. He appeared as a superwoman in the image, complete with flawless facial features and an alluring gaze that reaches deep into the soul.

Antonio Banderas

The Latino heartthrob Banderas is another male who shouldn’t have been born a woman. Even though he is one of the most cruel men, he only has average looks on a woman. It is safe to say that a girl like her could never work in the entertainment industry.

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