What the Siamese twin brothers from India who were separated in 2017 look like now

 What the Siamese twin brothers from India who were separated in 2017 look like now

The births of Prince and Love Zalte took place on September 19, 2016, in an Indian hospital in Mumbai. When they were five months pregnant, their mother, Shetal, discovered they were Siamese twins. The Zalte family started setting aside money for the impending treatment even though they were unsure whether there would be a chance to separate them.

Prince and Lave were carefully examined after birth. Many experts came to the opinion that they could eventually be split apart.

Parents of twin brothers

Shetal and Sagar never second-guessed their choice to split the kids up. They visited the most expensive clinic they could find.

A large group of experts started the drawn-out separation preparations when the brothers were one year old. It took roughly two months to complete. The actual operation was slated for December 12, 2017.

New Life

30 doctors worked for 12 hours to revive Prince and Love. Dr. Shakuntala Prabhu didn’t tell their parents “everything went well” until the morning.

The kids have a lot to learn about becoming independent of one another. They picked up the skills necessary to crawl, stand, and walk under the guidance of experts. Only until they were two years old did the infants take their first independent steps.

The doctors observed Prince and Love for a full year. They practically became family to one another during that period. The entire clinic staff attended the Zalte family’s house to commemorate the joyous occasion with a cup of tea and some birthday cake on the first anniversary of their separation.

A significant development in the growth of the clinic was the separation of the Siamese twins. It is currently one of the top clinics in the nation handling these patients.

The twin brothers now

The twins, who were split up in 2017, are now almost four. The kids are almost identical to their peers in terms of their busy lifestyles.

The brothers are together practically always. They share the same emotions as well as the same interests and tastes. And it is not at all surprising, given that they essentially formed one unit barely two and a half years ago.

Children adore playing ball and have aspirations of becoming professional athletes when they grow up. The most important factor is that they are completely healthy and content. Let’s wish them luck and success in everything they do!

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