When a dog bumps with her groomer on the street, the result is priceless

 When a dog bumps with her groomer on the street, the result is priceless

The owner of a pet grooming business has been cutting the hair of this adorable pooch named Muffin for a while. They’ve developed a really sweet relationship.

Lisa, the operator, discovers Muffin as a silly youngster. As soon as she Lisa her, her tail starts to swing, and she grins.

However, their pleasant time around each other had only ever occurred when the dog needed a haircut.

Up until lately, that is.

Lately, Lisa happened to see the pup and her mom out on a walk as she was driving down the road. Naturally, she made a choice to halt and greet them.

Lisa had no idea that she was going to completely stump the pup.

She stopped the vehicle and rolled down the window. Muffin began hunting for Lisa as soon as she heard her voice.

The doggy’s response was one of complete amazement when she turned and saw the hairdresser actually present.

Evidently, Muffin believed her groomer never left the one location where she was familiar with her.

She had a start. She was baffled as to why she wasn’t at the salon.

Naturally, the groomer then got out of the van to pet her favorite customer for a while. The main goal of this specific excursion would be enjoyment.

It is obvious that Granade and Muffin are doing well.

According to Lisa, the finest aspect of her profession is the relationships she forms with her clients.

And as Muffin just discovered, to her pleasure, that happiness can occasionally surprise her.

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