“Where Is He Now?” How The Famous Illusionist Looks And What He Does Now

 “Where Is He Now?” How The Famous Illusionist Looks And What He Does Now

This September, the popular illusionist David Copperfield will turn 65 years old. 

In the 90s, everyone adored him – both adults and children. Copperfield amazed everyone with his fantastic tricks and illusions, causing crazy delight among millions of people. 

This man showed incredible tricks that even professionals could not figure out. David’s popularity grew at a crazy rate, in one evening he gave at least 50 performances! 

This demand made him a very rich man. 

At that time, he was a real star and was even in a romantic relationship with Claudia Schiffer. True, journalists made a real scandal out of this story, but that’s a completely different story. 

Over the years of his crazy popularity, David was able to earn more than 4 billion dollars. In addition, his name appeared in the Guinness Book of Records as the magician who sold the most tickets for his performances.

 Copperfield has not performed for a long time, he has no new tricks, and he very rarely appears in public. 

As soon as he stopped surprising people with new ideas, his career began to decline. Then, revelations of David’s tricks began to appear in the press, and the audience’s interest in his person decreased.

For example, in 2016, Copperfield showed a trick where 13 people were supposed to disappear. But, one of the volunteers wanted to discuss with him all the moments of this performance, and then the illusionist had to tell the secret of the trick, this completely undermined his reputation.

But this did not affect the financial situation in any way. David recently bought a property that he rents out and also owns antiques. In addition, Copperfield has its own museum dedicated to magic tricks and even released books. 

David currently resides in downtown New York with model Chloe Gosselin and their daughter. Very often they rest on the island, which is located in the Bahamas. Sometimes the former illusionist is invited to various TV shows.

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