“Who is this girl?” Her resemblance with Lady Di let everyone speechless

 “Who is this girl?” Her resemblance with Lady Di let everyone speechless

After all these years Princess Diana’s fame hasn’t changed much. The woman who quickly became the “Queen of people’s hearts” died in 1997, but she’s still considered a fashion icon all around the world. 

Rose van Rijn is a young girl obsessed with wanting to look like Lady Di. And we can’t deny it, she looks very good!

Her resemblance to the princess left people all over the world wondering who she was.

Rose is a Dutch 21-year-old social media star who found herself in ABBA’s songs. She fell in love with the 70s style and got interested in the retro era.

In her posts, she took a cue from the actress Olivia Newton-John. The heroine Olivia was the lover of the screen John Travolta and inspired him for many generations

Rose became especially famous when she changed her hairstyle and started looking exactly like Lady Di. And when she posted a TikTok of styling her hair she went viral. 

The thing is that our heroine was able to do her hairstyle exactly like Princess Diana’s.

From some angles, Rose looks exactly like the Princess of Wales.

Rose started experimenting with her style too and amazed people with her sense of fashion and ability to copy the style of Lady Di. 

During recent celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, van Rijn walked the streets of Amsterdam in the form of a princess, literally leading passers-by into bewilderment.

Locals and tourists were amazed to see the reincarnation of Lady Di.

What’s interesting is that Rose manages to look more sophisticated and feminine than Diana. 


Rosa’s appearance in London is not yet planned. It’s difficult to predict how locals will react to the living replica of Princess Diana.


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