Why This ‘Duck’ Isn’t Afraid Of The Hawk

 Why This ‘Duck’ Isn’t Afraid Of The Hawk

This attractive hawk likely never considered that his status as the top predator could ever be contested, continuing in the certainty that his dominance will always be unchallenged.

But then he ran upon a rival.

Once while being outside, the hawk was about in quest of a meal. Nearby there was a duck calmly sitting and unaware of the hungry hawk’s approach.

The fact that the duck was only a toy decoy was something the hawk obviously wasn’t aware of. Additionally, it wouldn’t be intimidated as easily.

YouTube user Garybob observed an odd little conflict as it developed:

The confused hawk struggled vainly for several anxious minutes to subdue the enigmatically unyielding “duck.” He appeared to halt occasionally to look around as though certain he was being played like a fool.

Finally, the hawk made the correct choice to back out of the contest. The hawk would probably much rather forget that the duck decoy had won the day.


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