Woman visits a shelter to adopt one dog but leaves with three

 Woman visits a shelter to adopt one dog but leaves with three

Last week, Shelly Blount read an internet article about a puppy in North Carolina that was about to be euthanized, so she quickly called the shelter. She was relieved to learn that the dog had only recently been adopted, but it made her consider the other dogs who might also be in danger. When Blount inquired about other dogs scheduled for euthanasia, they informed her that Caleb was the next dog on the list. As a result, Blount jumped in her car.

Blount, who was determined to save Caleb, travelled four hours from Virginia to the shelter with a buddy. When she got there, she saw that two more dogs were also about to be euthanized. Blount instantly realized what she had to do, despite the fact that she already had three other rescue dogs at home.

Blount asked if she queried the restriction on how many you could adopt. People claimed that there was none. Therefore she decided to take all three.

Blount had come to the shelter that day expecting to go with just Caleb, but she really took Charisma, Bella, and Caleb with her.

All three canines were overjoyed and unable to contain their happiness as they started the arduous journey home, and Blount was certain she had made the correct decision.

Caleb was “sooo thrilled,” according to Blount, “was blowing kisses from the back car, and his tail was wagging so fast.” Bella sat in her friend’s lap and did not move at all since she was so happy to be held. Her precious little angel Charisma was practically holding me the entire time.

Blount didn’t really have a strategy when she made the decision to adopt all three canines. Fortunately, within days, she had already found the greatest new homes for both Caleb and Bella. She knew she couldn’t leave them at the shelter to be put down, but she also didn’t have room at home for three more dogs.

Caleb is really content in his new home with a friend of mine, according to Blount. “He adores another Lab that she owns. Let’s just say that Bella and my boyfriend are inseparable because she went to him.

Blount will probably keep Charisma because the two of them have become very close in the days following the rescue. In any case, Charisma would have to stay with Blount for a while because, following a visit to the veterinarian, she discovered the adorable little puppy was pregnant.

Blount was not informed by anyone at the shelter that Charisma was expecting five to six puppies; they later claimed they were unaware. Blount not only saved Charisma that day, but she also preserved the lives of her babies, and Charisma is eternally appreciative of both of them.

We frequently take cat naps together because my Charisma girl is so exhausted, Blount added.

Within the upcoming week, Charisma is expected to give birth, and her new family is quite happy for her. She is currently spending a lot of time cuddling with her new mother and best friend, whom she is constantly grateful to for saving her life.

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