You can’t hide your tummy anymore. Sarah Snook, star of “The Heirs,” went public with husband, with whom is expecting a baby

 You can’t hide your tummy anymore. Sarah Snook, star of “The Heirs,” went public with husband, with whom is expecting a baby

Off the stage, the Adelaide native lives a solitary existence. Yet, exposure has made it difficult for her to conceal her intriguing condition for long. Sarah attended the New York premiere of HBO’s “The Heirs” fourth season premiere. She surprised fans with the long-awaited announcement that Snook is expecting her first child.

For the star event, the singer dressed as Siobhan Roy in a black jumpsuit with a flared bodice, a daring cleavage section, and wide slacks. On top of that, she donned a shimmering silver jacket with a modest train to the floor. The actress donned a big necklace, diamond earrings, and a ring with glittering stones on her little finger. Sarah went for a natural makeup look with a wine-colored lipstick and delicate wavy curls framing her face.

The artist’s rotund tummy was highlighted by her clothing, which she gently massaged with her hands. Sarah made her first public appearance of the year. She’s 32 weeks along. “This is exciting! I feel great! I’m about two months away from giving birth,” Snook reported.

The Australian actress joined “The Heirs” in 2018 and has since gained critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. The actress announced her pregnancy while filming the fourth and final season of “The Heirs.” “Not a lot of people actually knew about it because the belly was small at the time,” the actress explained.

Snook was accompanied on the red carpet by her husband, Australian comedian Dave Lawson, 45. Sara and Dave were originally friends, and the coronavirus epidemic changed their lives.

“I was stuck in Melbourne during the start of the pandemic with one of my best friends, and we fell in love. We’d been friends since 2014, had lived and traveled together, and were always excited to see each other, but we had a completely platonic relationship. We’ve never both been single at the same time. It was an epiphany. The epidemic caused a lot of pain and sadness, but on a micro-personal level, I was quite fortunate “Snook stated as much.

In February 2021, the lovers held a small wedding with family and close friends in the garden of Sarah’s Brooklyn home. And the artist was recently able to purchase an apartment in New York City.

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