“You can’t look without tears”: Photos that show the price of winning Olympic gold

 “You can’t look without tears”: Photos that show the price of winning Olympic gold

Almost everyone has imagined what it’s like for Olympic athletes at some point in their lives. There are two schools of thought. Some believe it is simple, while others, including sportsmen, believe it is difficult. Images depicting the price of gold have circulated on the internet.

Brajkovic, a former world champion from Slovenia, and his legs after a bike race

An X-ray was taken while performing a gymnastic routine.

Hideline Diaz is the Philippines’ first gold medalist. She displayed her hands after her victory and disclosed that she has many more apparent injuries.

Nadia Comenci was the first gymnast to get a perfect score of 10.0 on the balance beam. The photo clearly shows the 14-year-old’s muscles.

Olympic champion Maarten van der Weyden participated in a charity swim. After 55 hours in the water, a photographer managed to capture his legs.

Participant in the Tour de France’s 16 stages and his legs after the event.

The back of a track and field athlete after a run, with warm polyurethane from the treadmill on his skin.

A rare illness The athlete was able to swim despite having Pectus Excavatum.

And here are our next hero’s hands after rowing.

Hincapie’s swollen veins during the Tour de France bicycle race.

The image on the left shows your legs after a day of cycling. If you don’t cycle often, the same legs are on the right.

Styer’s swim “aged” Dutch swimmer van der Weyden’s arms.

The volume of the thigh muscles was measured by R. Fosterman of Germany and G. Henderson of New Zealand. The German athlete on the right took first place.

A TV image will never capture the perspective that an athlete sees before jumping on a ski jump.

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