You will be surprised at how this mother goose takes care of her babies

 You will be surprised at how this mother goose takes care of her babies

Geese are not the most lovely animals for many people. However, the way the mother geese take care of their children is really remarkable.

The wildlife in the parks is absolutely adorable. As the Covid-19 lockdown started, people started to pay more attention to the park animals. One person began taking photos of geese fighting for territory and a place to nest.

As the geese hatched, the photographer got interested in taking pictures and capturing moments of goslings growing up.

One day, many goslings appeared in his viewpoint with their mother goose. The mother’s heroic action amazed the person. She hid her goslings under her feathers and counted one by one to make sure every gosling is there.

The man started following the geese family and was surprised as the number of youngsters grew.

The final count was 47 geese, and the man realized that the mom might have taken care of others’ babies too. This phenomenon is called gang brood.

Gang broods are created when particularly patient parents watch the young of other geese, allowing their pals to have a few nights free.

The goose mother’s strong maternal instincts made her the ideal candidate for the position. She appeared to be such a kind mother.

As they quickly matured, the goslings could not fit under their mother’s wings. They are currently all sleeping together while she keeps watching.

The mom and her partner are still raising some babies. And they make sure they are safe until it’s time to take off again for the south.


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