He was able to lose weight three times: what a man who weighed 265 kilograms looks like now

 He was able to lose weight three times: what a man who weighed 265 kilograms looks like now

Alexander Teslya was able to pull himself together and began to act.

Alexander Teslya, Russian by nationality, is an ordinary man who once just started eating too much. Sometimes he just couldn’t stop, because of which he even appeared on the verge of death.

Teslya told that once because of eating too much, his stomach grew so much that the diaphragm began to press on his heart and he started to suffocate. Two weeks later it happened again.


Thus, at the age of 30, Alexander’s weight reached 200, and a few years later – 265. He developed serious health and mobility problems, but his love of alcohol and food prevailed.

Soon his wife and son began to complain about his appearance. After being offended by some of the remarks, Teslya decided to act.

Alexander states in the program “MALAKHOV” that he is grateful to his son and ex-wife for all the insulting words. Thanks to those words, he realized that he needed to change not his son, but himself.

Teslya told how he lost 180 kilograms on his own.

For the first year, he was going to bed at 10:00 p.m., was waking up at 6:30 a.m., and was eating only one meal a day, no more than 750 calories. Then he started eating 2 times a day, revising his ration.

Alexander’s main principle is not to use salt, sugar, flour, alcohol, sweets. He eats porridge, cereals, fish and bird meat, vegetable salads, in which he pours olive or sunflower oil.

And Alexander advises women not to try to be good at cooking, because men want to keep their bodies sporty in addition to eating delicious food.

Teslya showed on live broadcast what size clothes he had recently.

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